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With high-precision professional equipment, we will serve your car
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Discounts up to 40%
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Run Flat Repair
Run Flat technology is based on the concept of reinforced tire sides. When a regular tire is deflated, it simply sinks under the weight of the car, the sides leave the disc and the sidewalls fall and flatten onto the road. Weight completely destroys the tire within several kilometers.

How do our masters with the high-precision equipment easily solve the problem?

Watch the video
RunFlat Repair
Pitstop at work
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Answers to your questions
The most frequently asked questions from Pitstop customers are now in one plac here
What is better to pump into the wheels: air or pure nitrogen?
Undoubtedly, nitrogen is a gaseous substance,
thanks to which the car travels smoothly, pressure changes in the tires are almost absent, tire adhesion
increases, and the speed of the descent of the wheel due to a puncture decreases.
Why do car owners choose to pump wheels with nitrogen?
Nitrogen increases the service life of the metal part of the wheel, prevents the destruction of the inside of the
tire. Nitrogen reduces the overall weight of the wheels, which helps to protect people in the car during an
How to maintain the performance of tires during storage of rubber in the winter?
It is necessary to store rubber tires in a cleansed condition in a dark dry room at low air temperature. On tires it is recommended to apply a special composition. In the assembled state, the wheels are suspended by the disc or folded up in a vertical stack. The removed rubber is stored vertically, periodically turning the tire.
What does the competent wheel balancing affect and influence?
Timely wheel balancing extends the service life of tires, increases the service life of the wheel bearing, creates comfortable conditions while the vehicle is moving: it reduces vibration and noise.
When should you use such a service as wheel balancing?
It is recommended to balance the wheels every 15,000 kilometers, as well as after changing tires, installing new wheels, getting the wheel in a hole when driving at high speed. For balancing the wheels one should ask after the occurrence of strange noise and vibration, too.
Why fill the car air conditioners?
Unfortunately, in the coolant equipment, which works properly, the refrigerant evaporates over time. To make
the cooling of the car interior effective, it is necessary to timely order refueling of the auto-conditioner with
When is it time to refill the air conditioner?
If the air conditioner is working, but the air temperature in the cabin changes slightly, as well as in the case of
depressurization of the air conditioner and after the repair of air conditioning equipment, it is worth refilling the air conditioner.
Should I roll steel discs and how many times can I perform this procedure?
In the event of minor damage to the steel disk, you can contact the tire workshop and restore the geometry of
the wheel. The possible number of rolling the discs depends on the nature of the damage and on the operational characteristics of the car. Before rolling, a computer diagnostics is carried out, the results of which make it clear: is it worth it to perform this procedure or is it better to replace the damaged disk.
If you have any questions, please email or call us.
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Yulya Shkots
BMW 525
I was by the Pitstop in the late afternoon. The masters quickly rolled the disc, fixed a cut on the side. Service is great, I recommend them by all means.
Lera and Dima
The guys have repaired my car already several times, we are very grateful, the guys are just top-notch specialists!!! Immediately they figured everything out, and I am very, very satisfied! I recommend this tire service to everyone! Thank you so much!
Eric Karsin
Nissan X-trail
I had my wheel punched, then called the nearest tire service and did not even have time to calm down, when my iron horse was again on the move and repaired! Well done, great job!
Ivan Tkachev

I liked everything very much, the guys are responsive and attentive! There are discounts too)
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